Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience like no other with Impostors! Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding world of betrayal and deception, where every move you make could be your last.

Form alliances, forge rivalries, and experience the ultimate test of trust and treachery to earn exclusive on-chain rewards!

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Game Modes
Social Deduction

Join your friends to complete tasks and play games while trying to stay alive! Each player is assigned a unique role to help them lie, deceit, and kill their way to victory!

Impostor Genesis holders have an exclusive membership into the development process and vision of the game. They are able to play as their unique Impostor and will be given exclusive in-game experiences and on-chain rewards along the way!

Club Impostors

Hit the Club to hang out and meet others from the Impostor Community! Here you can socialize, form new friendships, play games, and climb the leaderboards to earn exclusive rewards!

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Build with us

We empower all Impostor holders to have direct input into the vision of the platform as we continue to build. Holders are involved in early play tests with the Devs and will have first access to the game before open beta.

Future utility includes private dev chats, unique gameplay experiences, exclusive maps, exclusive on-chain cosmetics and rewards, and more!

Impostor Pass
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Upcoming game modes
Unannounced game mode
UGCMap Builder
Unannounced game mode